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Patient News.........

A BIG congrats to our patient Bailey Thompson for making cheerleader for the Zeigler Royalton Tornadoes!!!!!!!

Congratulations to Desta French on her engagement!!

Congratulations to the winners of the Flat Kyle Contest!! Brittany Swain & Lexa Carney - Facebook Favorites, TJ Bourque - Longest Distance, Harrison Thomas - Most Creative. All the winners received 4 Holiday World tickets!

Congratulations to our 2013 Childers Patient Appreciation Party Winners!
Wyatt McClintock, William McKinney, Cydney Maxfield, Lucas Phillips, Anna Hartford, Kallie Keasler, Kaitlyn Hill, Colton Nelson, Noah Donaldson, Makayla McGowen, Alecia Stacey, Dalton Brewer, Bailey Kuhnert, Brian Hartke, Alicia Lindhorst, Landon Owens, Kameron Shadowens, Maya Robinson and Kelisy Grob!


Congratulations to our patient, Callie Bigham for making the Pinckneyville High School pom pom squad!!! WAY TO GO!!!!!

Our patient Bre Rainey, has had a great season so far in cross country. She placed 44 out of 167 girls at pre state and she was 1st on her Redbird team with her time being 12:37!!! WAY TO GO BRE!!!!!!!!!!


Heather and her husband ,Louie went to Ocho Rois, Jamaica in honor of her 10 years at Childers Orthodontics.

Donica, her husband Tim, and daughter Tymber recently went to Disney World in honor of her 10 years at Childers Orthodontics.


Check out some pictures from our 2013 Patient Appreciation Party at SI Bowl…








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